Thursday, 20 November 2008

A chance encounter in a Beyoglu backstreet

Gypsy musicians regale a wedding party on a Beyoglu backstreet. 
Last night when returning from photographing at the Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi) I came across these guys... One is playing the davul (bass drum) and the other the reedy and wailing zurna as is the tradition in Anatolia. These instruments are also combined like this by the mehter, the Ottoman military band, which you're equally likely to come across though in the city's public squares mostly.
What it is: Outdoor wedding celebration where the guests are regaled by two musicians and have the chance for a little dance before the bride emerges from the house and is whisked away for the actual ceremony. 
Where it is: Anywhere and everywhere! I found my musicians just round the corner from where I live, an area of Beyoglu between Tunel and Tophane. You're most likely to stumble across such a do in the summer and in the more down at heel parts of the city.

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