Saturday, 6 June 2009

Shameless self promotion

As I've recently relocated back to London from Istanbul I'm having the chance to sit down and catch up on adminy things. So I'm currently working on a plan for my new personal website which is way way out of date these days. It dates from the time when I was still a manager at the Royal Opera House and doing photography on the side. My 50mm macro lens and a chosen plant would produce something worthwhile after hours of trying out ideas. Now back after my three-year stint in Istanbul, I'll shuttle back and forth between the two cities as interesting projects arise. Recently I've been having great fun putting the final touches to my Istanbul Showcase gallery on Photoshelter which I'll keep adding to from time to time; while in Istanbul last month I was able to get some new shots for my own portfolio as well as the street food I had been commissioned to shoot. The aim of my Photoshelter presence is to gain further exposure for my photography and ultimately to license them for use in books, magazines etc and even better for new commissioned work. Also there is the facility to buy prints and postcards of any of my images. So.... for those of you following my blogs and with a little time I'd love to hear how you find the site. Does the gallery draw you into the site? Would you in theory be tempted to order a print or set of postcards? Is the site straightforward to use and navigate around? Any feedback would be much appreciated. As a thank you I'll send you a set of four of my postcards including the image of Eminonu Square above if you contact me privately with your address (UK only). Thank you!

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